Avian Haven Hut
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The patented Avian Haven bird hut meets the needs of parrots and other caged birds better than any other hut on the market! This unique hut is two products in one: a semi-enclosed space for your bird to retreat to within the cage to feel safe, secure and sleep undisturbed in a natural perching position combined with an interior back wall of plush sherpa for your bird to snuggle, relax and sleep against.
"I am a Board Certified Avian Veterinarian and I use and recommend the Avian Haven. It is an excellent design providing birds with privacy, security, and a cozy place to sleep, while allowing them to stand on a perch. The Avian Haven should be placed over the highest perch in the cage, where your bird sleeps at night. The perch used inside should be a good quality pedicure perch to keep your bird’s nails groomed and help to prevent bumblefoot. Every bird cage should have an Avian Haven!"

- Dr. Greg Burkett
Diplomate ABVP-Avian, Avian Veterinary Services Clinic, NC
Ask for the Avian Haven at your local retail pet store or
you will be taken to Crazy K Farm's storefront for purchase
"Awesome!! These are really high quality and sturdy. I really like them! I always wanted to get my Macaw one of those Peek-A-Boo Huts... but they weren't big enough to stand up to a Macaw! But these are great! The velcro keeps the tent attached; so it's really sturdy and works really great!"
"My parrot loves it! Pros: Good value, high quality, easy to get in and out of. Cons: Can't find any. Bought this as a treat for my Amazon Green. He just loves it. Uses it to nap in the day and if he wants to get out of the light in the evening. (It is also good if he wants to hide and then surprize the dog by rushing out at him.)"
"Outstanding! My African Grey LOVES her new hut. She sleeps in it every night. I used to fight with her to go into her cage at bed time, and now she just marches into her "bedroom" every night on her own! The fabric really holds up well to her chewing, too."