Avian Haven Hut
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Crazy K Farm Pet and Poultry Products, LLC, is a small family-run business that develops and manufactures products that enable pets to thrive and become better family and flock members, including the patented Hen Saver® hen apron, Avian Haven® hut for parrots and other caged birds, Kitty Holster® cat harness, and the patents pending Hen Holster Chicken Diaper/Harness and Birdy Bra Crop Supporter and Chest Protector, and Birdy Bootie protective chicken shoe. We also manufacture the Doggy Holster and Holster leashes. Each item in our product line was developed through rigid research and testing to insure that you are getting the safest and most effective products on the market. 
Our mission is to produce high-quality essential pet and poultry products and to offer them to you, the consumer, at reasonable prices. All of our items are the first of their kind on the market and each provides a vital service to the animals they are purchased for. 

When you purchase one of our products, you can feel good that you are not only helping to provide expensive medical care for the many rescued animals living at Crazy K Farm, but you are also supporting the fight against breast cancer and The Alex Foundation. The owner of the business is committed to providing the best life possible to our many animals and does not take a salary from this business.

you will be taken to Crazy K Farm's storefront for purchase
Crazy K Farm values your privacy. We do not disclose customer information in any form with third parties. We do not keep your credit card information on file.