Avian Haven Hut
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Customers love the Avian Haven hut and nearly half our customers call us to find out where they can purchase one locally! The Avian Haven hut is significantly different from all other huts and tents on the market:

* The Avian Haven hut is two products in one: a fabric hut shaped like a house that provides a semi-enclosed space for birds to retreat to within their cage to feel safe and secure and in which they can sleep and rest undisturbed in a natural perching position; inside the hut is a soft, thick-pile back wall for birds to snuggle against.

* The Avian Haven does not have a fabric floor for a parrot to catch a foot or toe in, which is a documented cause of injury and death to pet birds.
Our mission is to produce high-quality essential pet and poultry products and to offer them to retailers and consumers at reasonable prices. All three of our highly innovative patent-pending items are the first of their kind on the market and each provides a vital service to the animals they are purchased for. From the tremendous customer response and positive feedback we have received for our products, it is clear that even in a recession people will always elect to spend money on items that provide safety and/or comfort to their pets, provided they are not over-priced.

We are committed to maintaining a relationship of the highest standard with our retailers and distributors. We ship product within 24 hours of receipt of your order, offer volume discount pricing and discounts for prompt payment. We provide packaged products with scannable UPC symbols unique to each color and size and will support you with copy, high resolution images and posters for marketing both on-line and in your bricks-and-mortar store. We maintain an aggressive advertising campaign, which includes print ads in high-circulation specialty publications (Cat Fancy, Bird Talk, Backyard Poultry), a managed on-line advertising program and well-targeted television commercials so that customers will enter your store with positive awareness of our brand and products. And finally, you can purchase from us with confidence: Crazy K Farm is proudly accredited by the BBB.

If you are interested in carrying the Avian Haven hut in your store, you can sign up here: https://crazykfarm.manifesthq.com/signup.