Avian Haven Hut
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The patented Avian Haven bird hut meets the needs of parrots and other caged birds better than any other hut on the market! This unique hut is two products in one: a semi-enclosed space for your bird to retreat to within the cage to feel safe, secure and sleep undisturbed in a natural perching position combined with an interior back wall of plush sherpa for your bird to snuggle, relax and sleep against.
Parrots require 12 hours of undisturbed sleep and the natural resting and sleeping position of a bird is perching: when birds sleep, their feet naturally contract to grasp and hold onto a perch. Unlike many other parrot huts on the market, the Avian Haven bird hut does not require your bird to sleep with their feet in an unnatural position or on a fabric floor that your bird can potentially catch a foot or toe in (a documented cause of injury and death to pet birds). The Avian Haven bird hut hangs over a perch, enabling your bird to sleep in a safe, natural perching position.
Ask for the Avian Haven at your local retail pet store or
you will be taken to Crazy K Farm's storefront for purchase
Your bird will emotionally benefit from having an Avian Haven bird hut to retreat to within the cage for privacy and to feel safe and secure. Your bird needs it space (See "Privacy Please" BirdTalk magazine, July, 2009). Tired birds need a place to retreat to for down time and when there is just too much going on in the house your bird requires a place of privacy to escape to: parrots are prey animals and when they feel threatened by anything going on around them, they need a place to hide. 
Your parrots will benefit emotionally and mentally from having a soft, plush material in their cage to snuggle against. The Avian Haven bird hut has an interior nestling wall made of thick, plush sherpa to provide your bird with a soft, fuzzy place to snuggle, relax and sleep. 
The Avian Haven bird hut is a beautiful addition to your bird's cage. Our hut contains details of a human residence, such as a doorway, a chimney and a window. The hut is available in two colors, brown and green, and four sizes to accommodate most sizes of caged bird: extra large for larger birds in larger cages such as Macaws and Cockatoos; large for Amazons, African Greys, etc.; small for Conures, Cockateils, Quaker Parrots, etc.; and extra small for smaller birds in smaller cages such as budgies and lovebirds.

The Avian Haven bird hut is durable and washable.

It is natural that your bird will chew on and "customize" his/her hut! As with all huts and tents, no product is 100% safe. Please supervise your bird’s use of the Avian Haven hut. Inspect the hut frequently for wear and damage and replace it if any of the components become heavily torn or frayed. Remove the hut if your bird begins to ingest material. 
Extra small hut dimensions: 6" W x 7" H x 5 1/2" D
Small hut dimensions: 9" W x 10" H x 5 1/2" D
Large hut dimensions: 11" W x 12" H x 7 1/2" D
Extra Large hut dimensions: 12" W x 16" H x 10" D

Extra Small hut MSRP 19.99
Small hut MSRP 24.99
Large hut MSRP 26.99
Extra Large hut MSRP 29.99

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